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Our research and insights improve your product along many dimensions. From accessibility to market reach, our suggestions are backed by data and industry standards.

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About Apex Focal

What is Digital Product Consulting?

It’s a practice that removes the gap between your knowledge and your customers’ knowledge.

As a business owner you know every detail about your business. your business goals and challenges are met head on with your digital prodcut. The problem is that your customers don’t know as much as you and they miss out. Apex Focal puts your knowledge into their experience by making it easy for them.

How We Do It
A collection of components which make up a digital product.

Our Services

Apex Focal performs services to help you bring your product to its full potential.

Accessibility Insights

Let Apex Focal act as extra senses regarding your product’s accessibility. It’s important you have a third party on your side.

Market Reach Analysis

Apex Focal’s knowledgeable web analysts will make sure your digital product is working in alignment with your company’s goals and challenges.

Usability Evaluations

Apex Focal can make sure your users are getting the value from your product that you put into it. We’ll put ourselves in their place to discover what they want.


Any Questions?

Digital products come with a lot of questions. Let Apex Focal answer them for you.

Accessibility means that anyone can use your website with whatever device they need to use the web.

For example, people with blindness use special software called a screen reader to help them use the web. Apex Focal can make sure that your vendor gave you a website that works with screen readers.

This is the homework which helps you to be sure that your website matches your company’s needs, workflows, and regulatory challenges. But we look at how you’re customers are converting to you for those goals.

Apex Focal knows how to do this so that your digital product becomes a reliable business asset.

User testing gets into viewpoint of your customers. They don’t know the ins and outs of your business, so they might become confused by why you need to do certain things the way you do. That will drive them to your competition.

You’re close to the details of your business but your customers aren’t. Their confusion could cause problems. User testing removes their problems by using your digital product like they do. From there, we learn what they want.

Companies hire outside consultants all of the time to help them avoid blindspots. Apex Focal helps you avoid blindspots because we’re your third-party fact-checker.

Whether you’re learning whether your website is accessible, your market reach is strong, or how happy your users are using your digital product.

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We’re not limited to one geographical area. But, our staff lives in Baton Rouge, LA, United States.

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